"Art is long, and Time is fleeting"

                  -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Lifestyle photography is seeing the story of other people's lives. It blends art and everyday moments. It is when we see beyond the portrait. People can be themselves. Unedited moments that most wouldn't choose to take a picture of are often more honest shots. I prefer joy, goofiness, love and spontaneity rather than the standard smiling poses. Everyone wants the perfect photo above the mantle. But I want the mantle photo to be true. 

Photography can be more than a snapshot. It starts with light. I love the way light creates both highlights and shadows working together. Using light, I can create softness as well as contrast. Vibrancy. Color. The light might guide how I move while shooting, but the rest is all about the subject's personality. Because I'm capturing a storyline. A memory. A flash in time, recorded before it flees.

The portfolio includes a glance at some of these stories. Reach out to me and let's tell your story.